Posted 2/26/24

The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees will hold its winter meetings February 29th through March 1st in Warren-Wilson Hall, located on the University of Tennessee Southern campus.

The meetings are scheduled as follows…

Thursday, 2/29, 2pm, Education, Research and Service Committee, 4pm, Audit and Compliance Committee (public session), 5pm, Audit and Compliance Committee (nonpublic, executive session).

Friday, 3/1, 8am, Finance and Administration Committee, 9:45am, Winter meeting of the Board of Trustees.

All meeting times are approximate.

Agenda items include, but are not limited to…President’s update, including 2024 goals and objectives, UT Southern strategic plan, Revised Fiscal Year 2023-24 operating budget, Fiscal Year 2024-25 state budget amendment request, UT Chattanooga and UT Knoxville student housing projects, UT Knoxville proposed revisions to faculty handbook, UT Knoxville new academic programs, 2024 internal audit plan, and2024 institutional compliance plan.

The full agenda for each meeting is available at All meeting materials will be posted in advance of the meetings.