Posted 2/22/24

The Tennessee Department of Education recently released school district rankings for accountability. It’s all part of the state’s accountability system, which names districts that are excelling and those which need more support.

Under the Tennessee accountability system, districts are supposed to increase student achievement and show student growth across all student groups.

The state ranks districts on six factors: grade band success rates, rates at which students are chronically out of school, performance on the English Language Proficiency Assessment and graduation rates.

School systems are ranked on the following scale, from best to worst: “exemplary,” “advancing,” “satisfactory,” “marginal,” and “in need of improvement.” Here’s a look at how local Tennessee school districts faired…

Advancing….Fayetteville City Schools, Lawrence County Schools, Lewis County Schools, Lincoln County Schools, Moore County Schools, and Wayne County Schools.

Satisfactory….Giles County Schools, Marshall County Schools, Maury County Schools.