Posted 2/21/24

University of Tennessee Southern Athletics is thrilled to unveil its refreshed brand identity, a dynamic, powerful new look for the Firehawks.

This comprehensive rebranding initiative reflects a bold and fierce spirit, aligning with the institution's steadfast 'Students First' mission and signaling a rejuvenation of its core values and ethos.

The new Firehawks logo and branding represents more than a visual transformation, they symbolize UT Southern Athletics' commitment to excellence, unity, and the relentless pursuit of greatness in every arena.

The key elements of the rebranding are, The UT Icon, The Hawk, Fire, which all together are Embracing Our Journey Forward.

The UT Southern Athletics department invites students, alumni, and fans to embrace this new chapter in the Firehawks story. Together, we ignite a future filled with promise, achievement, and an unwavering spirit of bold determination.

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