Posted 10/2/23

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced more than $2.25 million in state funding is being award through the Annual Grant Program, created under the Rebuild Alabama Act, to cities and counties for various road projects.

Our neighbors to the South, Limestone County was not selected to receive any of the grant money awarded this year.

Earlier this year, Ivey awarded $2.6 million in state funding to cities and counties for various road and bridge projects. One of the projects chosen was in the town of Mooresville. Mooresville will receive a $250,000 Rebuild Alabama grant which will be used for the resurfacing portions of North Street, High Street, Lauderdale Street, and Broad Street.

Limestone County had projects selected in Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021. In 2021, $250,000 was awarded to the town of Elkmont for resurfacing portions of Sandlin Road, Ridge Road and Clay Street. In 2020, Limestone County received $250,000 for a bridge to be replaced on Thach Road.