Posted 6/2/23

Four individuals were indicted in Lincoln County as part of an investigation that found that more than $117,000 in grant funds had been misappropriated.

The funds were paid to three individuals, Kani Johnson, Makayla Leake, and Dustin Simmons for doing work the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office investigated and found never occurred.

On May 16th, former One Stop Operator Program Manager Jennifer Henry was charged with theft of property over $60,000 along with forgery over $60,000 and criminal simulation over $60,000 for her alleged role in the scheme. She was also charged with tampering with government records and official misconduct.

At Henry’s direction, a Career Service Provider at the Bedford County AJC in Shelbyville signed and approved timesheets that were sent via email by Henry for Johnson, Leake, and Simmons. The work was never done, it was all a scam.

Johnson, Leake and Simmons were all charged with theft of property, forgery, criminal simulation and tampering with government records with a value of more than $60,000 for each.

The issues were found in an investigation of events between May 6, 2019 and Nov. 12, 2021, which was then turned over to the Office of the District Attorney General of the 17th Judicial District.