Hello, my name is Wendy Goodwin and we live in Lincoln County and we have 4 kitties to give away. Two are about a year old; one is a male, yellow with swirled white patterns and the other is female, grey tabby with black stripes and fluffy tail.

The other two are about 5 months old. They are brother and sister (the grey tabby is the mom). Both kittens are grey tabby but the female is grey with black stripes and the male is light grey-brown with dark grey stripes. They like to be inside and outside, they are all litter trained , and they all are loving cats. None have been fixed or had their shots. The two older ones were dropped off and we took care of them because the female was pregnant. The kittens were raised inside and loved.
They can be picked up or delivered and I will answer emails or text messages @ 931-227-8414. I will also be glad to send pics also!