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Name Kimberly Smith
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I have a 5 month old f1B Golden Doodle puppy named Dutton that was born on February 18th, 2022. He's had all of his shots & we have the paper to show what & when they'll expire. He'll come with his kennel, toys, what food is left, harnesses, leashes, rabies tag, collar, treats, etc. We also have a Dog DNA kit that you can send in if you'd like to know more about him. He has had puppy training & the 3 week stay training. All done at Canine Solutions. He knows his sits, downs, stays, & heel but still likes to test you because he's a puppy. When on the leash, he'll walk at your left side & sit when you stop but he's also still learning to listen so he's not perfect every time. He's also crate trained & he's never had any accidents while he's been in it while we're gone. He's also great at car rides either in his crate or just sitting on the seat. He's still a puppy & has lots of energy so he still has that puppy biting. He's lost a bit of his puppy teeth so that helps.

We hate to give him up but we have an almost 2 year old & we can't give him the continuous training at home that he needs/wants. He's a very smart pup but still needs to be trained more at home to learn his not the dominant one. We also have cats so he's around them while we're training him on the leash & seems to just be curious & watch them.

We understand we probably won't get the amount we've put in on him but we also aren't in a big hurry to just rehome him to just anybody. The training itself was about $1000 & he was around that much himself. That's not including the vet visits. So I'm asking $2000 & that may sound outrageous to many but hopefully we can find the right person that knows his worth.

*The last picture is from a month ago. I also have video of him doing stays & walking beside us.
Item Price $2000.00
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